Why my perception of the book “Power of your subconscious mind” keeps changing as I grow more mentally

A woman achieving a higher state of consciousness through meditation

When I talk about books, not saying anything about the book ‘The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind’ By Dr. Joseph Murphy is out of the question. The very first time I ever read this book was perhaps in 2017, and at that time, I formed my perception of the law of attraction.

This perception of mine based on what I read in the book was on a whole extreme level. If someone said to me that a goal is unfeasible for them to achieve, I would remind them of this famous saying: “Nothing in this world is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.”

According to me and quotes in this book, nothing was impossible for anyone as they had the superpower within them which could do anything once activated. This conclusion of mine was drawn from my understanding of the quotes that I assumed to be the universal truths without paying heed to my rationally thinking mind which told me otherwise.

Moreover, I was solely convinced that magic and miracles can happen merely through us believing in the same. I will quote author Ajay K. Pandey here. He says,

Don’t believe much in miracles. If a miracle has to happen, it will happen anyway. Give your maximum.

And in a way, I was partially correct as well. When we delve deeper into the concept of the subconscious mind given in the book, we also find some undisputable quotes that ignite our faith in the book overall. Moreover, this book turned out to be a complete life-changer for me.

Below are 5 of my favorite ones from the book “Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy.

Best Quotes from Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Quote 1:

The suggestions and statements of others have no power to hurt you. The only power is the movement of your own thought. You can choose to reject the thoughts or statements of others and affirm the good. You have the power to choose how you will react.

Quote 2:

There is no true success without peace of mind.

Quote 3:

“Do the thing you are afraid to do and the death of fear is certain. Say to yourself and mean it, “I’am going to master this fear,” then you will.”

Quote 4:

“Patience, kindness, love, good will, joy, happiness, wisdom, and understanding are qualities which never grow old. Cultivate them and express them, and remain young in mind and body.”

Quote 5:

“A thankful heart is always close to the creative forces of the universe, causing countless blessings to flow towards it by the law of reciprocal relationship, based on a cosmic law of action and reaction.”

If you were to tell me the quote about achieving the impossible now, I would take into consideration many factors.

Let’s say, someone told me that I would make a great dancer and should try my hands on that field. Being completely naive in the same, I would turn down their suggestion as impractical and not achievable for me.

Similarly, if you ask a man to jump from the top floor of a multistory building by making him believe in his subconscious mind’s power, that bonehead will ultimately lose his life leaving you behind the bars for coercing him into suicide.

I would rather improvise the saying as follows: “A goal you set for yourself is achievable provided you have a knack for it, believe in yourself and put in efforts necessary to achieve it.”

Back to the discussion of the book, the book has many passages that make them indigestible and impractical to believe for folks, especially from Gen Z!

The American self-help author and blogger Mark Manson has rightly explained the fact in his newsletter ‘Limits of Belief’ where he states:

“The mind is powerful, but not all-powerful”.

So to believe in the fact that the power of your mind will work in all domains is not true and you would want to introspect a few of the quotes mentioned in the book before blindly believing them.

Below are a few quotes I felt were slightly impractical and need to be taken in a rational sense before applying them in your daily life.

Quotes I did not like from Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Why

Quote 1:

“The truth is you can acquire any quality you want by acting as though you already have it.”

Our world is already full of people that come across as cheesy know-it-alls but aren’t capable enough to be considered so. This is the reason why in a world full of know-it-all geniuses, we need to practically apply our mind’s capability of being reasonable and work on what we want to be considered, a prodigy or a moron.

Quote 2:

It is foolish to believe in sickness and something to hurt or harm you. Believe in perfect health, prosperity, peace, wealth, and divine guidance.

Suppose, you have severe abdominal pain due to some underlying issues and you try to think of good health and constantly affirm to yourself that you are absolutely fine. In this case, chances are that your abdominal pain will not fade away and will get more severe if not brought to medical attention.

However, there is another facet of the quote in which your belief in good health might motivate you to eat healthily and exercise more to gain perfect health rather than fixating on the mere belief of the same.

Quote 3:

You attract the right mate by dwelling on the qualities and characteristics you admire in a woman or a man, and then your subconscious mind will bring you together in divine order.

The belief that you will one day attract your ideal partner will make you more or less of a person who believes in fairy tale endings and might also make you fall prey to what we call the Monet Effect. Basically, you only notice a few good traits of a person and start thinking that the person is overall a good fit for you when in reality they are not.

Something that Logan Ury, a dating coach, and author of “How to not Die Alone” refers to as a characteristic of a romanticist. Romanticists according to Logan Ury are people who idealize love as something that will happen to them once they find their soulmate.

Unfortunately, the one who according to your philosophy is a soulmate is a human just like you and me and has many loopholes that are evident in real life.


To sum it up, the book contains some life-changing quotes and also some quotes that you would want to watch out for before blindly believing in them. So while reading it, make sure to inculcate the important teachings from the book and see for the ones that aren’t applicable in real life.

These were my review/thoughts of the book “Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Did you find something in the book that you couldn’t agree with? Let me know in the comments.



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