How bad decisions strengthen your decisiveness

A brick wall with Yes and No written on two blank paper pieces.

We all make bad choices now and again. What follows afterward is the fear that comes from the uncertainty of the outcome.

Once you get a bad result, you regret making the choice and your inner critic starts taking over.

Later, when you again gain control over your mind, the latter tries to see it optimistically.

For instance, you miss the only bus that takes you to your college and later walk your way up to your destination. Your inner critic confronts you for not reaching the bus stop in time.

However, you make peace with your critical inner voice by telling it that you had a good time walking and observing people around for the first time.

To put it clearly, your mind has many ways to convince you about the rightness of a bad choice and its outcome irrespective of whether it is right or not.

“Everything happens for a reason. But sometimes, the reason is that you’re stupid and made the wrong decision.”

Isn't it stupid that you make bad decisions but take them optimistically, ignoring your absence of mind and carelessness? Maybe and maybe not.

Making a bad decision is not stupid. But what is weird is repeating the same stupid pattern over and over.

If you make a bad decision but do not introspect what went wrong while doing so, you will not gain any experience. Moreover, it will negatively affect your logical intelligence and will make you incapable of making a great decision.

The lesson

Your mind will always convince you about the rightness of your wrong choice. However, before letting your mind slip into the state of seeing things optimistically, it’s always better to introspect, think about how the outcomes could have turned out better, and how you can refrain from not committing the same mistake in the future.

Learning from your own experiences is the best form of learning. Moreover, implementing those learnings in your life is crucial.


When you learn from other people’s mistakes, you may or may not repeat them. However, when you commit a mistake yourself, you will never repeat it in the future.

Furthermore, if you encounter a similar dilemma in the future, you will be equipped with more experience to make the best choice.


In this article, I explained how your mind’s capability to convince you about the rightness of a choice might hinder your reasonable thinking. I also talked about how bad decisions strengthen your decisive ability.



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